Bikes 4 Africa

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Bikes 4 Africa

This programme is about enabling better access to education in remote parts of Africa.

Schools there are few and far between and the distances children can walk to school - and do - are vast.

For many, that walk to school is extremely arduous if not totally impossible.

It is only by getting to school - by completing a basic education - that permanent positive change can happen.

And that change, when it does happen, affects

  • the children directly

  • their families profoundly

  • their communities definitely

  • and, given time, their countries ultimately

As a result, in the years ahead, the perpetuating cycle of daily challenge and struggle is ultimately ended.

Thanks to one simple, easy to maintain bicycle, propelling one young person to a life of positive change.

But, the truth is, that one bicycle ALSO precipitates change for so so many others, along the way.

To learn more about this transformational programme

and how you can, with us, CHANGE LIVES for good!

contact us by phone or email

OR check out:


PS - Bikes4Africa is presently on hold, awaiting funding to deliver a fleet of new bkes to schools in rural Africa

If you represent a business, school, church or trust fund
or you are a philanthropist, looking to change lives directly,
maybe you would like to sponsor a fleet

which Bikes4Africa can deliver 

- then we would be delighted to hear from you 

Bikes4Africa is a part of our Chosen Social Involvement programme

This cause, and its support activities, are run and managed as a Corporate Cause Combination

It is a commercial programme with a Social Involvement Purpose 


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