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Our Team have been organising fundraising bike rides for good causes since 2008.
In that time, we have amassed a volume of experience and know-how, plus a fair few friends.
That experience, coupled with our approach to organisation, has produced some truly great events.
The riders have also covered a serious number of miles [many grinding] by taking part.
One day, over Christmas maybe, we just might calculate exactly how many miles!​

Charity Bike Ride
Charity Bike Ride

After this particular Christmas, comes a time for change and a new unveiling.
The change is born from new and exciting opportunities, coupled with equally exciting challenges. 
Given this and our inherent love of organising events for others, we launch a new separate entity.
It is our newly branded platform - CHARITY BIKE RIDES.
Charity Bike Rides will be open to both individuals and organisations with a mission in mind.
Their mission, in nearly all cases, will be a personal challenge for the rider.
Involving - as is usual and expected - a fair few grinding miles! 
        At the core though, will be a purpose to raise funds for:

  • a school

    • a project

      • a charity

        • an otherwise good cause​

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Our role in THEIR mission, beyond the obvious, will be to make it, successful and enormous fun! 

To date, we have helped others raise £000’s of pounds for causes and projects.
By the individual effort of each rider, this has helped make all kinds of great things happen. 
OUR mission - building on our past - 
is to help many others make - many more - great things happen! 

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