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There are fewer more important aspects to business success in this modern, hi-tech and fast-moving world

as that described simply, as marketing.

Although the principles are simple, although too often undervalued, 

marketing these days is far from being simple in design, construction and not least implementation.  

It is of course the voice of the organisation, the project or event.

It is the whole business message, from the elaborate on-line campaign, to the front of house staff.  

It is also about the feel and look [the fluffy stuff] and every single detail is vitally important.  

That importance applies to all things, including

the accent colours used on a web page, the words of a sentence composed with the same care as a music score and not least, the spelling and grammar [the basic stuff].  

If the basic bit is wrong, or the choice of words is poor, then the message is sabotaged.

The very song the words are there to sing is received BUT out of tune.

As was said once in one clever TV ad, “you have one chance to make a first impression”.

That first impression, for so many, defines how you are seen from there on.  

The fast click through of website homepages is one example of how that first impression works today in practice.

But marketing isn’t just about words on a webpage or in a glossy brochure.  

It is about first impressions gained at the physical front door, the telephone sales desk and then beyond.  

If staff, the key human element in position to make so much work for the customer,

are not part of that marketing plan and fully onboard with its implementation,

then a company might be accused of being all show and no substance.

Put another way - What's said on the tin - is not what's in the tin

This is a common feature of even the largest of companies and encapsulated by that wonderful saying, 

all fur coat but no knickers”. 

Singapore Airlines is however one leader company in this field.

Here we have the "Brighton Rock" analogy, applied to the corporate world.

The crews know all there is to know and treat everyone as First Class customers.

Every member of crew and ground staff are on message and know what they are about.

But strange it is, that so often the most expensive company asset - staff- is the most under played. 

We know of course that as a business person you understand all this.  

Our role is to ensure that what we all know as important - read that as vital - is what your marketing reflects.


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