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Our interests go far and wide - and because of that - the work we do matches our interests.

In general terms, we particularly enjoy all kinds of development work.
And here we include major projects, minor projects and several in between.

That work might involve the hard-core stuff, such as bricks and mortar. 
It might involve soft-core stuff, such as people - and especially young people.
And it is there where our passion for the work we do in Africa was first ignited.

There is more about our work with Africa described under Bikes4Africa.

In more specific terms, our projects have included us working in the following fields.

Executive and general operational management.
Day to day financial operations management. 
Event planning and management.
Solution management.

Face 2 face and voice 2 voice campaigns.
Customer services development.
Campaign design and delivery.

Inspirational speaking for schools and corporates.

Copy creation for all media including print.

Message delivery via TV, video or stage.

plus Design
Design is a growing activity for our sister company and design specialist.
Again, a wide variety of design projects are undertaken.
They cover a broad sp
ectrum of topics.
Both hard-core and soft-core.
It is Church Yard Design


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