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Helen King at C4
David Swettenham at C4


The natural fine eye for detail and aesthetics originates from Helen's early background in fine jewellery and retail.  Helen's skills and experience came to the fore later in career world for the development and application of niche marketing techniques.  Creativity with the written word, and its purpose to tell an entertaining, if not gripping story, coupled with a tenacity for getting to the root of all kinds of intricate tasks, describes Helen in brief.  Africa, and the creation of better life chances there, are also key passions for Helen.

DAVID Swettenham

An early career in accountancy, construction plc land, and later consultancy, gave way to the new application of some core skills.  Now, communication, problem solving and design are 3 stand-out features for David.  These are coupled with a clear vision for the bigger mind picture - and how to organise the available resources to convert that picture into reality.  A love for exciting sympathetic development in the built environment and opportunity development for the world's younger people, are central to David's ethos. 


management | marketing | media