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Without doubt, the key ingredient for any successful enterprise is Vision.

We place vision at the centre of all that we do for ourselves and for others.

Our Vision is to make a positive imprint on the world in the way that only we can.

We will achieve this through what we do for others and in the way in which we do it.

Naturally, it means providing excellence at all levels, but for us it means far more.

It means providing a vision, perhaps through example, which others may follow.

Sometimes the biggest positive changes in our world come from very small things.

Our work in Africa over the years has demonstrated that principle very clearly.

But all changes, whether they be large or small, all start with a simple idea.

That idea is developed into a dream - it is then focused on and nutured.

At the right time and when all the work is done, the dream is realised.

What becomes real for us all was once an idea, a dream, a Vision.

Our vision - and philosophy - places importance on symbolism and connectedness.

In creating the Pireaus logo we desired a symbol to represent our important values.

The end result was a classic design - a design we think is both beautiful and engaging.

He is a man seen as brave and courageous - he is a our depiction of the Greek God Apollo.

The God of harmony, prophecy, poetry - the sun and the light - but not least, the God of truth. 

Confidently, he stands straight and strong - his only armour is a weapon of pin-point accuracy.

Our Apollo depicts a focus of vision - delivering a chosen desired outcome, for us and for others.


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